Greg Bounce – People In Their Houses (2022)

The phrase “what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors” has not meant much to me in the past. It was merely a sentence referring to some bad deed that one wished to remain secret. When Greg Bounce touched on the idea of people living next door but also living completely unique lives, I got thinking. I mean, what do people do in their houses? Does my neighbour binge BBC dramas like I do? What’s going on behind their closed doors? Seems I’m not the only one wondering as singer-songwriter Greg Bounce releases his thoughtful single ‘People In Their Houses’.

The third single from the Portugal-based artist, ‘People In Their Houses’ is an infectious blend of dream-pop, post-punk and interspersed R&B sounds. Using synths and keyboards, Bounce retains his electronic edge; however, the incorporation of guitars highlights Bounce’s fusion of different genres into a slick sound. Following the slightly more upbeat ‘Can I Now Feel?’, ‘People In Their Houses’ has a slower and more profound melodic arrangement. Yet, while the melody sends you adrift on a smooth glittering sonic river, it is the lyricism that adds that wraps you in a perfumed bubble.

Wistful and ethereal, Bounce’s rich vocals contribute to a hazy, whimsical ambience. The thing is, while the power of Bounce’s vocals is evident, the whispered hush in its execution dampens that power in a melodic sense. It appears that the softer vocals accentuate the poignancy of the song’s message – what do people get up to in their houses? Bounce shares that he has “always been interested in houses – small, secretive and hidden spaces where we spend our time. We glimpse other people’s lives, but it’s weird that a human who lives metres away leads an entirely distant and unknown life…every home is a weird, unknown world.”

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