Elion Melody – Bittersweet (2022)

With his single ‘The Storm’, Elion Melody brought emotional vulnerability while letting us know that we are not alone in what we feel. ‘Bittersweet’ continues to look at messy relationships through the chaotic symphony of incompatibility and desire that many people feel. Featuring Smoothsaylin and Motion Sickness, the single considers the balance of good versus bad, mistakes versus lessons and the progress versus the destruction that comes after the end of a relationship.

The three artists met in a Discord music community and started to learn about each other’s musical styles throughout 2021. As their connection with each other built, they came together to create this anticipated single. The track has already received wide acclaim as it was placed on Spotify’s New Music Friday Philippines on the day it was released.

‘Bittersweet’ rushes into your ears with a glittering flow that carries the lightest drone to the low levels. This drone drops deep down into the soundscape creating an amazing depth to the sound while an electronic tone blinks in the higher levels. As the first verse progresses, the beats shuffle you into pulsing deep booms that add extra texture to the single. There is a slightly contemplative tone to the melody that moves into a gentle caress for the second verse. The high and low notes that meet throughout the single sonically represent the balance of the track perfectly.

The vocals open with Smoothsaylin’s dulcet tones which slide with a tender RnB flow. Her voice slides decadently against your ears while a light echo encompasses your senses. Her performance rises in power as she leads you to the deep boom of the chorus. Through the lyrics, she draws you into a bittersweet relationship that twists from good to bad and everywhere in between. The second verse tells the other side of the story. Melody’s vocals have a slight bounce to them as he lays out his side of things to create a crash of emotion. The interplay between the vocals and the music brings the balance of the single to sonic glory while inundating your senses with the smoothness of RnB.

Elion Melody, Smoothsaylin and Motion Sickness come together in a messy symphony of desire, heartbreak and incompatibility in ‘Bittersweet’. The music is rich as it leads you to the deep booming tones of the chorus and the delicate balance of emotions in the vocals. The interplay in the vocal performance provides two sides of a story and the emotions that go with this.

Find out more about Elion Melody on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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