Grizzly Bear – Will Calls (Marfa Demo) (2013)

I came to know of the existence of Grizzly Bear earlier this year when an acquaintance carelessly played the, then unknown to me, Shields (2012) album.  The one thing that caught my ear, and still relentlessly draws me to their music, is the effect the drums have; the hypnotic rhythms that send you into an instant trance and the great lyrical content that demands some craving for memories to be made.  I then acquired the rest of their albums and have enjoyed each for the different journeys they took me on.

They recently dropped a new single called ‘Will Calls(Marfa Demo)’ which will be on the upcoming re-release of their previous album, Shields: Expanded and Shield: B-Sides.  The Expanded album will include the full Shields (2012) album with new 8 tracks, while B-Sides will be just the 8 tracks.  Both of these will be available from the 12 November 2013.  

Now ‘Will Calls’ didn’t disappoint at all and instead made sure that I fall even harder for Grizzly Bear.  This song has a deep connection with the spirit and resonates such an understanding of the self, it has this magnetic high that just draws you and I love this about it.  I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new material; this has become my new favourite song from them.  I am a happy fan!

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