fi – Worthless (2021)

Love is not always the glorious experience we hope for. With their debut single ‘Worthless’, fi brings the steady and creeping damage of bad relationships to life. Created during a time of uncomfortable change and unsettling truths, the single draws on their own damaging affair and delicate musicality to create a slow spiral into darkness.

While studying musical theatre, fi started expressing themselves at a deeper level through writing music. Since then, they have been honing their skills by studying a degree in songwriting to become the artist they are today. With a refreshing clarity and nuanced musical movement, they draw you into the journey of the single that resonates with you whether you have been in the same position or not.

‘Worthless’ uses a soft progressive melody to draw you into the single. The easy feeling of the acoustic guitar-driven melody has a really delicate feeling to it. You can easily sink into it as you feel the affection in each note of being in love. The light flows of the music make you think of love songs and happy feelings. This takes a turn with the pulse of darkness that comes in later. While the light tones remain, they are pushed to the side by the dark pulses which turns the sweet affection to something sour. The progression of this souring is handled with an amazing precision allowing the darker feelings to creep up on you without you even realising it.

The slow movement to darkness in the melody helps bolster the lyrics and vocals. Against the acoustic guitar, fi’s vocals have a comfortable feeling as there is a sense of security in the bright emotions. When the melody starts to turn, their vocals remain light but the dark pulses seem to change something in them. There is a tentative feeling to them like you are walking on eggshells and unsure of your footing. As the single continues, the lyrics highlight the slide into feeling worthless within a relationship. The single comes to an empowering end as you journey with fi to leave the feelings of worthlessness behind.

Through a delicately handled melody, fi leads you from warm affection through darkness and into a tentative light in ‘Worthless’. Every element of the single builds the story of the lyrics from the light melody to the pulsing dark tones. Together, they form a wonderful story that creeps through your senses.

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