Guy Davis – Waste Land (2021)

Guy Davis let us know that he was set for success with his single ‘Late Night Laundrette’. With his second single ‘Waste Land’, he is cementing this idea through social commentary on the consumption of news and information. Tackling the commercialisation of the modern world, the single is a critique of the high-volume reporting and avoidance of major issues that has become all too common.

While offering some criticism, Davis also has a message for all his listeners that is just as important. Through the single, he asks us all to take a step back from the endless loop that life has become and really look at what is going on. With a wonderful blend of rock, pop and folk, Davis pull you further under his thrall.

‘Waste Land’ sweeps into your senses with a rather chilled folk-pop vibe. The music fills you with a reflective vibe that gets you into the right mindset for the lyrics to have the biggest impact. At times, it feels like the melody is breathing to life while expanding out past the horizon. The layering of the instrumentation is relaxing and easy while plucking at your thoughts. The chilled arrangement helps you take a step back from the fast-paced world we live in giving you the moment you need to breathe.

Davis’ vocals call to your soul from the depths of the folky soundscape. While his voice carries the gruffness of his last track, this has been soothed to a gentle rub against your skin. There are moments in the chorus when the rock growl comes through for a push of emphasis. As his vocals rub against your senses, the lyrics turn your attention to the constant feed of information that offers little in substance. Later in the single, there is an almost spoken word refrain that lifts your spirits and has you feeling good about the future.

Guy Davis takes on the world of fast news while offering a touch of hope for the future in ‘Waste Land’. The folky rock tones of the soundscape carry a hint of soft rock for a warm blending of sounds. Davis’s vocals are compelling as they point out the issues with the world while embracing that hint of hope.

Find out more about Guy Davis on his Instagram and Spotify.

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