Hagar Levy – I Will Never Know (2020)

Hagar Levy is reconnecting with a song that has been a fan favourite since it was included in her debut album. ‘I Will Never know’ has been beautifully remastered for release and offers a contemplative look at choices made and roads taken or retaken. Marking the fifth birthday of her debut album, she offers a wink to both herself and listeners through the sounds of one of the album’s strongest tracks.

Music has always been a tool Levy has used to release her emotions and thoughts. This shines with this single as she infuses authenticity into the relatable storytelling of the lyrics. With inspiration coming from Erykah Badu, Carole King and Fiona Apple, she blends neo-soul with alternative pop for a wonderful reflection on life.

‘I Will Never Know’ pulls you into the reflective vibes through Levy’s vocals. There is a smoky whispering tone to her performance that wisp around your head. The smokiness of her voice wraps its way around a neo-soul undertone that makes you want to sway to her vibes. The lyrics are as reflective as the feeling of the vocals as they consider the choices you have made. You can hear the power waiting to be unleashed in her voice. This controlled power is amazing and rather addictive to listen to while the harmonising vocals add a layered smokiness to the music. There is a moment when the vocals take a more RnB flow but this is overtaken by the smoothness of neo-soul.

Beneath her vocals is a drawing beat with a piano line that wavers around the beats. The smoothness of the music bolsters the neo-soul vibes of the vocals. While there are a few layers to the music they don’t overwhelm each other or the vocals. In fact, the music bolsters the movement of the vocal performance to help you connect with the messaging of the track.

Hagar Levy reflects on choices made through the smoky neo-soul flow of ‘I Will Never Know’. There is a wispy feeling to the vocals before they hit you with carefully controlled soulful power. The melody enhances the movement of the vocals to get you hooked to the smokiness of the track.

Find out more about Hagar Levy on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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