Dolly Dolores – Dream (2021)

As we get older, cynicism sets in and some of the joy we have for life is sucked out of us. Dolly Dolores is here with a heartfelt call to young people to follow their dreams before that happens with the aptly titled ‘Dream’. Drawing on classic soul, lo-fi and doo-wop, the track uses some unconventional instrumentation to get the message across.

The track is a comeback for Dolores as it is her first release in six years. Her new material comes after a lot of soul searching and is inspired by her own failures. While she draws on her own experiences and emotions, the anthemic call in the track is universal and easy to connect to.

‘Dream’ fills you with a very dreamy soundscape from the first moment. There is a gentle flow to the music that has you drifting on soft clouds. The soulful vibes of the music add a richness to the soundscape that touches deep in your soul. The melody seems to be rather simple, but there is more than first meets the ears. The floating sensation that fills the upper levels have a foundation in the deeper tones. The twinkling notes that come through later in the track bring a bright awakening to the music while the bass vibrates in the back of your mind.

Dolores’ vocals are all powerful soul with a hint of lo-fi. The power of her vocals is on full display as she draws you into the lyrics. Through the lyrics, she warns us about how dreams fade and are taken away from us. Against this backdrop, she calls for us to dream while we can. It is a rather heavy subject that is made easier to digest through the soft dreaminess of the music. As you listen to her sing, you just want to close your eyes and sway to her voice.

Dolly Dolores encourages us to dream while we can and warns about the cynicism that comes with age in the aptly titled ‘Dream’. The soulful flows of the single have you drifting on a sea of soft clouds floating in that moment of waking. Her vocals are powerful as they call out to you through the soundscape while forming the plush cushion that you ride down the river of sound.

Find out more about Dolly Dolores on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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