RaneRaps – Step One (2020)

When you hit a rut in life, it can be extremely difficult to pull yourself out. If you need a boost, RaneRaps is here for you with his single ‘Step One’. Using his infectious sound and wordplay, he lets you know that you can bounce back and achieve your dreams regardless of how low you fall. While drawing on the challenges of being an independent musician, his lyrics are relatable and optimistic regardless of your problems.

Using his exuberant delivery, RaneRaps is ushering in a new age of hip-hop. Melding traditional beats with soul and funk, he crafts a diverse sound. His genre-blending complements the powerful yet relatable messages resting in his songs.

‘Step One’ has these electronic tones that warble through your head and grab your attention. There is a deep beat in the melody that pounds through you. The combination of these beats with the electronic tones is interesting yet really entertaining. There is a funky thread in the lower levels of the melody that melds perfectly with the more hip-hop tones. You can’t help but get drawn into the sound through the combination of melodic elements.

Over this engaging melody is RaneRaps’ vocals. The flow of his performance is extremely slick as it slides against your ears. The wordplay in the lyrics are on another level and flow perfectly to the more melodic chorus. You will want to play this song loudly as you get down to the grooves. Throughout the single, you are filled with an infectious energy that has this uplifting flair to it. By the end of the track, you will feel good about life and know that you can get out of the rut you find yourself in.

RaneRaps uses his unique blended soundscape and powerful wordplay to fill you with positivity in ‘Step One’. If you are feeling down, this is the song you need to get you back up. The melody has a funky groove while the vocals are slick and slide against your ears in the best way.

Find out more about RaneRaps on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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