Hallie – Remedy (2021)

Through her music, Hallie tackles some of the hardest parts of life from grief to mental health. With ‘Remedy’, she continues this trend as she looks at dealing with trauma and overcoming an abusive relationship. With heartfelt and touching lyrics, she is able to draw the hurt and pain from listeners before providing the strength needed to move forward.

The passion and strength she infuses into her music carries a poetic edge. Hallie started writing songs and poems to help soothe her own struggles with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. While her musical career has been hampered by her chronic pain growing up, it did not stop her from getting a BA Hons Degree in Music and releasing songs that help boost others.

Hallie’s vocals open ‘Remedy’ with a vulnerability and tenderness that tugs at your heart. Her voice has a gentleness that floats into your brain and chest before tugging at your emotions. The poetry of the lyrics are touching as brings a yearning for the affection of someone to light. This takes a sadder turn as she falls into a loss of self that many people go through in an abusive and toxic relationship. There is a stripped-back feeling to her performance that enhances the emotive hit of the single. Through each word, she tugs at another part of your spirit. While there is a lot of pain and sadness in the song, as it progresses you are lead to an awakening and overcoming of all the negatives.

The stripped-back feeling of the vocals is felt more with the melody. There is a slightly muted vibe to the music that allows the vocals to really shine. The almost wooden beats fluidly slide into the softness of the instrumentation. It is a really soothing and peaceful melody that you can sink into and allow the vocals to tug at you.

Hallie tugs at your heartstrings with every word and note of ‘Remedy’ while leading you to the power to move forward. Her vocals are the real star of the single as they tug at your emotions and fill you with the pain then strength of the track. The almost muted tones of the melody let the vocals shine in all their glory while providing the backing they need.

Find out more about Hallie on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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