Downhill – Spring (2021)

If you are looking for a single that picks up the threads of ambient tracks from the 90s, you are in the right place. This is exactly what Downhill has done for his chilled single ‘Spring’. Not only does the single draw inspiration from 90s ambient tracks, he also used equipment from that time to create the synthwave sounds.

As part of his ’12 in 21’ project, the single continues to revisit the past while taking steps into the future. Jon Matthews, the man behind the music, started creating electronic music in the early 90s as an eleven-year-old. While life got in the way of his music, he has recorded and produced other artists before making his way back to solo work in 2017.

‘Spring’ brings the sense of new life and awakening that this season is connected with to life from the first twinkling tone. The high synth notes have a rippling feeling to them like water dripping from leaves into a puddle. It is a very soothing sound that makes you want to sit back, close your eyes and relax. These rippling tones are accompanied by a dawning feeling in the lower levels like the sun peeking over the horizon and lighting the sky. There is a warble as a new synth line enters and beckons you further into the soundscape.

As the song progresses, the feeling of spring continues to sink into your skin. The middle synth line rises and falls while fluttering around your head in a really pleasant way. This synth line is like a vocal line that sings out against the rest of the instrumentation with the lyrics being what you feel. At times, there is a tender sweetness to the soundscape that sits on your tongue like nectar before fading into the warmth of the spring sun.

Downhill uses 90s synths to fill you with the gentle tones of ‘Spring’ and the peaceful newness that the season brings. A purely instrumental track, it uses the synths perfectly to create a gentle light and fluttering line leading you further into a dawn meadow. The middle layer is like a voice calling to you and beckoning you closer.

Find out more about Downhill on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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