Poploader – Books of Love (2021)

Poploader introduced us to the unique sharing and individualism through the personality-packed single ‘Teresa’. They are now turning their wonderful blend of sound to love and the care we should take with the emotion in ‘Books of Love’. Through the single, the band urges us to be careful about love and to never burn the books of love.

This rather important lesson has been wrapped in extremely catchy indie-rock tones that shine with a vintage sheen. The official music video enhances the feeling of the music while being a blast to watch. While this is only their third single, it is more than enough to get you hooked and eager for their upcoming debut album.

‘Books of Love’ fills your ears with a really engaging tone from the first moment. There is a vintage edge to the rock tones that perfectly captures the energy of the band. The rolling drums have you bouncing around to their sound while the guitars lightly draw you into the pulse of the chorus. The bright vibes of the music sink into your veins as you bounce around and you can’t help but have fun while listening. There is a rise and fall to the music that enhances the energy and positive vibes of the music. The bridge later in the track adds to the pulsing bright colours of the single.

The vocals enhance the vintage feeling of the music with an echoing delivery. The almost punk-rock feeling to the vocal performance pushes against your ears only to flow into a soft and melodic movement. The changes in the vocal delivery are really great as it adds this infectious energy to the song that shakes you up from the inside. You are drawn into the glittering feeling of falling in love only to move into the floating bliss that this can bring. Woven into these feelings is the understanding that you need to be careful with feelings of love and not be careless with the emotions of others.

Poploader has you bouncing off the walls with their vintage tones while filling your veins with the shivering energy of love in ‘Books of Love’. The music has you dancing around and rocking out to the sound while the vocals enhance the retro tones of the melody. The change in the vocal delivery is wonderful as it brings an extra edge to the message of the track.

Find out more about Poploader on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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