Hannah Scott – 98 (2020)

Hannah Scott is a London-based singer-songwriter who is fast cementing her place as one of the most exciting on the scene. Working with her long-standing creative partner Stefano Dell Casa, she strikes a balanced between her traditional songwriting craft and Della Casa’s unique cinematic production. This balance can be heard on her latest single ‘98’.

The song is the second single from her upcoming album. The single recounts how her grandmother made peace with her own mortality at age 98. It is also a reminder that there is pleasure to be found in the small things, no matter how long you live.

‘98’ wastes no time getting to the heart of the track. From the first moment, Scott’s vocals fly over you and draw you into an artful melody. Scott’s vocals are smooth and powerful with a haunting tone that sends shivers through you. There is something otherworldly about her performance that drives emotions through you and makes you stop to listen.

Her powerful performance is enhanced by the gentle and captivating melody. You can hear the cinematic production lurking in the notes, but they do not overpower the vocals or message of the song. The masterful melody combines with the vocals to create an unforgettable single.

Hannah Scott leaves you emotional and covered in goosebumps with her single ‘98’. The hauntingly beautiful song makes you pause what you are doing to listen to it. Listening to this song, you can easily understand why Scott has already built a reputation as one of the most exciting new artists.

Find out more about Hannah Scott on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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