Tricky Susan – Undercover (2020)

Tricky Susan has turned their attention-grabbing live performances into an enthralling single with ‘Undercover’. Using their energetic soundscape, they are pumping you up with an alternative rock blast. With a nod to vintage storytelling, the single is a fresh treat waiting for you to take a bite and inundate you with something that is purely Tricky Susan.

The energetic journey comes from the passion this London-based four-piece has to offer. Filled with an authenticity that flows through your chest, the band snatches you out of reality and thrusts you into their sound. If you are looking for a song that you need to buckle up for, this is the energy-packed track you want.

The opening of ‘Undercover’ pulses through you with a deep drum and fat bass. An intriguing electric guitar joins them to push you toward the vocals and the chorus. The melody picks up with an enthralling sound on the chorus that gets your head moving. There is an understated energy to the melody that creeps into your veins before shaking you up. As you listen to the music, you will slowly get worked up until you are getting down to their groove.

The vocals have a slight darkness to them as they first draw you into the song. There is a great unique tone to the performance that complements the melody. The darkness gives way to pure energy on the chorus as the vocals burst out. There is something addictive about the vocals that make you want to jump to them.

If the single does not get you pumped up, the music video will fill you with energy. The video shows the band playing the single while in a red-light haze. There are some jittering transitions that add to the energy of the music. As you watch the band playing the song, you are filled with a live performance energy. There are other effects that are added to the visual that pump you up.

Tricky Susan fill you with a live performance energy as you are pumped up by ‘Undercover’. The thumping melody slowly injects a moving energy into your veins while the vocals make you want to jump. The accompanying music video adds to this infusion of energy through a red-tinged visual.

Find out more about Tricky Susan on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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