MIN t – Rhythm of Your Blues (2020)

Martyna Kubicz is the musician and producer behind the alias MIN t. Her musical career started at age five when she learnt to play the piano, but her classical training was not enough. She soon discovered her love for jazz which was the perfect outlet for her creativity. This creativity is on display with her new single ‘Rhythm of Your Blues’.  

The subject of the song is depression which is woven into every note of the single. It also looks at the powerlessness people feel while being together and reflecting on the emotions of others. The struggle to endure one’s own mental exhaustion is clear in the track as it pushes to increase awareness of this topic.


‘Rhythm of Your Blues’ hypnotises from the first second with a twisting synth drive. The electronic beat is steady through the song, but there are electronic notes that erratically trickle in. These notes add a new dimension to the base of the song. At times they sound like a distorted clock ticking the seconds by.

While this twisting melody insinuates itself in your mind, MIN t adds a top layer with her haunting vocals. Her vocals are a smooth covering over the dark melody. However, the lyrics are as dark as the music and add a deep emotion to the single. The different layers of this song come together perfectly to create a melancholic and dark dance number that makes you think.

MIN t brings up an important topic with ‘Rhythm of Your Blues’ and drives it home with a twisting melody and dark lyrics. She draws you in with a dark electronic melody and makes you think with her haunting vocals.

Find out more about MIN t on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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