Happy Freuds – Echo of Sounds (2019)

Image courtesy of Happy Freuds

Happy Freuds are a classic rock band from Jávea, Spain. They’re releasing their new album Echo of Sounds which was recorded live in the studio. The band consists of Teo Holmstrom (vocals/lead guitar), Victor Holmstrom (drums), Sergio Cañadas (rhythm guitar), and Donato Asensio Giner (bass).

The first track on the album is ‘Push’ which starts with very catchy guitar riffs. A heavy drum beat kicks in, it’s heavy rock, and the vocals start but are spoken. It’s a very interesting ’70s sound but gets really heavy during the chorus. The track ‘Allmans Big Feet’ has a very soothing sound of soft rock, the vocals are gentle – a very classic rock sound. The track ‘The Mountain’ starts with guitar riffs and a drum beat; when the whole band starts it gets heavy. The vocals sound great, the bass line is heavy, and it has a very catchy chorus with heavy parts.

The track ‘Background Noise’ is very gentle and soothing. It has soft guitar riffs and a gentle beat. The vocals are about everything in life and there is a very southern sound to this one. The track ‘In Black’ has a gentle drum beat and guitar riffs at the beginning, then very soft vocals kick in; it’s again quite heavy and sounds amazing. The lyrics are about wanting someone to stay and that they’re running out of time. He needs them here and that he’s lost without them.

The track ‘Blue’ has a soft sound at the start, very soft guitar riffs and a gentle drum beat. The vocals begin and are about someone he loves; he sings about how when he closes his eyes all he sees is them, and how he was lost in that world. It’s a very heartfelt song. The track ‘Chauncey’ has a sudden burst of guitar riffs at the start. The vocals are great and the bass guitar riffs are catchy. It has some spoken lyrics and some sung. It is very interesting, and also has an epic guitar solo.

‘Song X’ is quite heavy; it has a very classic rock sound and is great. The vocals are amazing, the guitar riffs are very catchy, and he sings about how the world can bring you to your knees, but if you get knocked down you get back up. The track ‘Low Are The Punches’ has a very beautiful and soothing sound. The vocals are soft and he sings about someone who is going to take another chance at this life, and how this is all they have left. He doesn’t see it lasting that long, and he sings how low the punches are from this person. It has quite a southern sound to it.

‘Overcome’’ has soft guitar riffs and soothing vocals at the start. He sings about how he didn’t know his father and he’s going to waste his dying breath in a rage. It’s a very heartfelt song; he sounds like he’s hurting, and it becomes a little heavier during the song. The track ‘Rockin ‘N’ Stumblin’ has an epic guitar sound at the start that is very catchy. The drumbeat is catchy, the bass is nice and heavy, and it has no vocals – just all music. It sounds like it could be a theme tune or background music in a movie scene.

Overall, Echo of Sounds is a very catchy classic rock album that has a mixture of soft and heavy rock songs for everyone’s taste. It shows how the band takes pride in their music. For more from Happy Freuds, check out their Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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