Track of the Day: Neel Cole – Face The Day

We have already dipped into the awesomeness that is Neel Cole & The Southern St. with their track ‘Down In The Mud‘, but that was not enough to sate our appetite for this eclectic group. Combing elements of classic rock, grunge and country, Neel Cole (vocals and guitar), Kenneth Simmons (bass) and Pedro Duquense (drums) are breeding their own intense and intimate sound. Following their well-received EPs Down in the Mud and Bricks, the Texan trio is back with ‘Face The Day’.

One of the tracks off their recent album Face The Day (released on 16th January 2021), ‘Face The Day’ is just over three minutes of genre-bending music. Inspired by the style of country-rock singer Keith Urban, ‘Face The Day’ is an upbeat single with a bit of a rockstar swagger. The dynamic instrumentation fuses aspects of rock with country including high-powered guitar solos and catchy riffs. While the melody of the track has a bit of an edge, it is Cole’s unique vocals that add a further rockstar vibe.

While the single is a high-powered guitar-driven track, the clever arrangement of instruments (including Cole’s voice) gives prominence to each element. It is not stunted in any way, but the simplicity of the melodic transition adds a robust beauty to the music. Gruff, but with a bold warmth, Cole’s vocals complement the moving guitars.

So what do I really think of ‘Face The Day’. It’s like having a cowboy winking at you from across the street sending tingles down your spine as you blush profusely. It’s something like that.

For more from Neel Cole & Southern St. check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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