Andi Fins – Stan’s Copycat (2019)

Andi Fins is an indie-pop artist from Germany who produces his own albums in his small home studio. His new single ‘Stan’s Copycat’ was released in May, and its music video will follow shortly.

The track starts with a happy jingle sound of gentle guitar riffs and a very gentle beat. The vocals are very soothing and beautifully sang, and the backing vocals are angelic. It has very catchy lyrics and a catchy sound. He sings about a girl who he thought was better in writing than in person, and it sounds like he had feelings for her before they met. However, the feeling disappeared after meeting and he’s trying so desperately to feel something for her. He sings about music and melodies in his head, wondering if someone said something wrong and trying to see who he really is.

This single is available on Spotify, and I recommend you check it out! I doubt you’ll be disappointed if you’re a fan of indie music. You can check out more of Andi Fins’ music on his Facebook.

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