Harp ‘N’ Quill – Alone (With the Wolves) (2021)

Harp ‘N’ Quill are bringing a youthful energy to your ears with their single ‘Alone (With the Wolves)’. The passionate collective brings an eagerness for storytelling to beautiful art and powerful melodics. With a touch of folktronica added to a splash of dream-pop, they have you moving to their flow and eager for their upcoming EP.

This wonderful single comes from Amie Zimmerman (vocals, melody), Joe DuBois (guitar), Jake Singh (lead guitar), Anthony Speros (instrumentation) and Spencer Ruben (lyrics). The young group of artists blend their musical styles while capturing feelings that we can all relate to. While they are spread across the US, they have come together remotely to bring their sound to listeners’ ears.

Zimmerman’s vocals open ‘Alone (With the Wolves)’ with a floating vocal line. There is a delicacy to her performance that tugs at your heart. The easy flow of her performance sinks into your skin as you are pulled into the poetic lyrics. There is a wonderful growl to her voice at times before it effortlessly slides into rising tones. She is able to captivate you with a soulful and folky intensity that you can’t escape or never really want to.

The melody that rests below her vocals is stripped and earthy. The guitars provide the initial backing for her voice before the beats come in. The drum enhances the grounded feeling of the single. As the song progresses, the guitars pick up a light twang that has your mind rising with the vocals. Combined with the vocals, the melody makes you think of the early morning when the world is waking and the sun chasing the cold remnants of night. It is a really wonderful single that combines delicacy, passion, emotions and beauty for an exquisite listening experience.

Harp ‘N’ Quill have you relaxing into their sound with a delicate awakening of the sense in ‘Alone (With the Wolves)’. Zimmerman’s vocals fill the air with emotion while the tender melody grounds you and bolsters her voice. Everything comes together for an amazing listening experience.

Find out more about Harp ‘N’ Quill on their Instagram, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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