Heavyman – Pigs (2020)

If Heavyman didn’t blow you away with their blast of lust and torment in ‘Baby Jean’, they are going to get you with their follow-up. Their second single ‘Pigs’ is incendiary and bold where their debut was full of despair. Taking an uncompromising look at the constant struggle between political powers and that of the average person to have their voice heard, the song is a protest song mixed with a woeful ode.

The single was written back in 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea and frontman Yang wanted to explore the careless loyalty shown to whoever is calling the shots. Using their guitar-heavy melodies, the four-piece makes you question the powers that be and how the system works.

‘Pigs’ captures your attention with an intense and captivating guitar opening. The deep beat and guitar lead you to Yang’s vocals, which are smooth and hard to stop listening to. His vocals meld perfectly with the melody that is as uncompromising as the lyrics and message of the track. You can hear the questioning throughout the song, but this is wonderfully combined with frustration and annoyance.

Lyrically, this song is a trip and very skilfully arranged. The band builds up the picture of blindly following orders through the use of metaphor. At times you can hear the call for protest and change before you are taken to a despair of what is happening. The single is a great interplay of emotions to a gripping beat.

Heavyman gets your blood pumping and your mind asking questions with their unapologetic and heavy-hitting ‘Pigs’. The song combines everything we loved about the debut with a protest of the way of the world. The new life they are breathing into the scene continues with this track that you can easily listen to again and again.

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