heyimmanic – ANXiETY (2021)

Written shortly after his first single ‘i WANNA LOSE’, ‘ANXiETY’ by heyimmanic draws on his experience experiences and struggles with this feeling and addiction. While tapping into his own experience of panic attacks, overmedicating and anxiety, there is something universal about the sentiments and emotions of the track. Set to a rather engaging pop-punk soundscape, he releases his emotions while letting others who are struggling know that they are not alone in this.

While offering a companionable hand, the single also touches on some unhealthy coping mechanisms and carries the encouragement we all need to get the help that we really need. A heavy and hard-hitting single, it not only offers insight into the man behind the music but showcases his musical ability. Evocative and emotive, his music perfectly balances the positives and negatives of life.

The strummed opening of ‘ANXiETY’ lulls you into the track with a really easy movement. The lightness of the opening melody gives you a slightly false sense of the track which turns when the chorus hits. This is when the punk-rock tones of the track really make their way into your ears. There is a pulse of beats and aggression that matches the vocals perfectly. This pulse gives way for that gentle opening again for the verses. This rise and fall of the music is masterful as it mimics the flow of anxiety and mental health. The arrangement of the melody is so engaging even as it pulses with the struggle of mental health.

While the movement of the melody draws you into the ups and downs of mental health struggles, the vocals really give the emotions evoked direction. Through the verses, you are pulled into the coping mechanisms and panic attacks that inspired the track. When the chorus hits, the rock cry scratches up your spine and presses the frustration and anger that these struggles bring. The two very different vocal performances are amazing as they highlight heyimmanic’s vocal prowess. The engaging flow of the single will have you shouting out with him on the chorus as you unleash your own frustrations into the ether.

‘ANXiETY’ by heyimmanic captures the struggles of mental health with a sound that unleashes frustrations while letting you know you are not alone in your struggles. The melody pulls you in with a gentle tone only to slide into the anxiety-riddled punk-rock tones of the chorus. The vocals move to match this melodic flow as they dip into the real struggles he faced before releasing a pained question into the world.

Find out more about heyimmanic on his Instagram and Spotify.

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