Samantha Sharpe – Home (2020)

Samantha Sharpe has taken the phrase ‘home is where the heart is’ and turned it into the acoustic love song ‘Home’. The product of pandemic isolation, the single considers that home is really a feeling instead of a physical location. This idea was brought about by the loneliness of isolation and the longing for loved ones to be around. Packed with emotions that we can all relate to, the single offers the warmth of home wrapped around an ode to those we love.

Using a stripped-back approach to the melody, Sharpe layers heartfelt lyrics on an acoustic guitar foundation. While she pours a lot of herself into the song, the emotions she stirs are universal. Working with Ross Caygill, she follows up her debut EP in triumphant style.

‘Home’ strums through you with a comfortable acoustic guitar line. The warmth of the guitar drapes over your shoulders making you think of cosy rooms full of happy memories. The synths in the background add a light haziness that makes it feel like the guitar is floating through streaming sunlight. The drums and backing bass add a forward movement to the melody while staying subtly under the guitar. The acoustic instrumentation offers a vulnerable feeling to the music while igniting a flame of happiness in your chest.

Sharpe’s vocals add to the vulnerable feeling of the melody while reaching out for the comfort of loved ones. There is a folk feel to her performance that enhances the warmth of the melody. The chorus is unbelievably catchy and you will start singing along before you realise what your mouth is doing. While the lyrics have a real love song vibe going on, there is much more to them as you sink into the overall feeling of the track. As they call out, they fill you with a sense that everything will be okay once you are with the people you love.

Samantha Sharpe turns the concept of home being where your heart is into the warm acoustic tones of ‘Home’. The stripped-back melody has you floating between rays of warm sunshine while reaching for the comfort of home. Sharpe’s vocals have a folky feel as she reaches out to loved ones and fills you with the comfort of being around them.

Find out more about Samantha Sharpe on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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