Sol Paradise – She Don’t Want My Love (2021)

Melding elements of jazz, funk, indie-pop and R&B, Sol Paradise has a unique and genre-defying sound. Described by Chalkpit Records as the “perfect postmodern artist” and by A&R Factory as having a “signature hazy sound eclipsing the best of the alt-90s”, the multi-instrumentalist is certainly turning heads. In addition to these notable blogs, Paradise has also featured on Indietronica, YMX alongside various online radio stations and playlists. It appears that Paradise is definitely making his presence known on the indie stage. The latest single added to his repertoire is ‘She Don’t Want My Love’.

The leading track off his debut EP Forest, ‘She Don’t Want My Love’ combines the smoothness of jazz with the grooviness of soul and an underlying dream-pop design. What I find intriguing about this single is how Paradise showcases his boundary-breaking sound. Effortlessly traversing genres melodically, we see (or rather hear) dreamy guitars and reverb-heavy synths flow into a saxophone solo. Not only does this show Paradise’s various influences but also his eclectic innovation.

While ‘She Don’t Want Me’ flows through the complex melody, there is also a depth in the lyricism. According to Sol Paradise, this single “…embodies a spaciousness that reflects how important nature has been to all of us this year for mental space.” Using his soulful vocals, Paradise tips you into a river of sound cocooned in a kaleidoscopic blanket of sonic awesomeness. Yes, the track may touch on the innocent “spaciousness” but it also has a sensuality that captivates one’s senses. Perhaps it is the Geroge Benson meets Earth, Wind and Fire groove, but there is something sexy underlying the funky bass line.

Teetering on open-armed wistfulness and sophisticated sensibility, Sol Paradise is a revolutionary and boundary-breaking artist in contemporary music. I can’t wait to see what else he has for us.

For more from Sol Paradise check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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