David Givens – FREQUENCY (2022)

The last few years have left lasting impressions on everyone, but many people have felt their mental health being hit harder. David Givens is here for these people with his single ‘FREQUENCY’ which draws on his own struggles. While the single was written for himself as a way of working through his own struggles, he has released it to let people know that they are not alone in what they are feeling.

The single centres around Givens talking to himself during extreme anxiety as he fights to regain control. This powerful track not only offers a friendly hand but also showcases maturity in his music. To further the helping hand offered by the single, the track is also being used to raise funds for Black Men Heal and Special Olympics Beaufort, two charities close to Givens’ heart.

‘FREQUENCY’ hums into existence with a smooth RnB vibe. The humming vocals are delicate as they softly caress your ears before Givens’ vocals rise over them. His performance draws you into his thoughts and struggles with his anxiety attack from the first moment. There is a masterful twist to the lyrics as they describe what is happening while offering a more existential edge at the same time. The pressure of the actual anxiety attack has been woven into the lyrics in a way that can describe other forms of pressure we face in life. While the opening lines of his performance are packed with harsh pressures, as the single progresses he brings a hopeful feeling that things can change. Through his performance, he lets you know that you might be struggling now, but there is light at the end of the tunnel that you can reach if you take the time to change the frequency of your thoughts.

Beneath this important message, the melody is a wonderful combination of electronic pop and RnB. The electronic tones under the opening humming line are delicate and form a pastel soundscape. A shuffle of beats comes into the soundscape at the same time as the vocals adding a wonderful texture. The movement of the beats have you moving forward with a contemporary RnB vibe. As the chorus hits, there is an uplifting vibe to the music as Givens lets you know you need to shift the frequency of your thoughts and feelings.

David Givens uses a mature mixture of electronic pop and RnB to acknowledge the pressures of life and offer a sense of hope for the future in ‘FREQUENCY’. The humming vocals draw you in before Givens’ performance fills you with the strength you need to overcome your internal struggles. Resting beneath his vocals is a melody that shifts from pastel tones to an uplifting movement full of light.

Find out more about David Givens on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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