Ellie Lave – Self Love (2020)

Ellie Lave is introducing the world to her sound with the aptly titled single ‘Self Love’. Written during quarantine, the track takes you on a journey to find yourself and love who you are. As she takes you down the path of discovery, she draws on her own experiences and turns them into a relatable thread.

Taking inspiration from her main influences Lily Allen and Billie Eilish, she moulds her music to suit her sound. While she has posted a number of covers on her Instagram, she is now turning her focus to original material. Providing the boost you need to love yourself, this story of discovery is one anyone could easily connect with.

‘Self Love’ draws you in with a compelling opening full of enchanting notes. This line combines with the beats for the verses. New layers are added to the melody as it progresses to create a bubbling brook of music. The different layers remain distinct, but they also wrap around each other to flow down the single and draw you with them. A relatively minimalist melody, there is something unbelievably compelling about it that makes you continue listening.

Lave’s vocals form another layer that rests in the middle of the melody. Her vocals are emotive as she pulls you into a discovery of yourself and empowers you to love yourself. While emotive, there is also a meditative flow to her vocals. You can easily sit back and let her lead you into the soundscape and self-discovery. The flow of her performance highlights the evocative power of her voice as she pulls up a positive view.

Ellie Lave effortlessly draws you down a path of self-discovery and love with the simple flow of ‘Self Love’. The single combines a minimalist yet layered melody with her meditative vocals for an empowering listening experience. As a debut single, it gives you an insight into the emotive powers she could unleash.

Find out more about Ellie Lave on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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