DALT ft Ben Seltzer – Untitled (2021)

With the first single from his upcoming project, DALT blends lo-fi, RnB, pop and jazz together for ‘Untitled’. Not only is this track the first from the project, but it is also the first collaboration with his long-time friend Ben Seltzer. With a splash of haziness and contributions from Xavier Smith (electric piano) and Jared Smith (bass guitar), the two vocalists trade verses for a captivating listening experience.

While a single of many firsts, it has remained nameless as DALT has left it for his listeners to decide on the title. Completely self-produced, the track is a wonderful introduction to his upcoming project while swirling a little intrigue over what the eventual name of the single will be. If you are in the mood for a song that slides across your senses with a layered mixture of sonic elements, this is definitely the one you should listen to.

‘Untitled’ brings a balance of lightness and richness to the soundscape with a layered opening. The light twinkling notes that fill the higher levels of the melody are like glittering gold. The lower levels are all rich RnB and soul that offers a slight tinge of haziness. The haziness of the melody is very subtle as it surrounds you without you realising until it is too late and you are inundated by the sound. It is a really rich melody that you sink into but never really want to leave. The jazzy tones come later through the guitar that rises from the depths of the soundscape and meets the keys for an utterly distracting flow.

Resting on the layered melodics are the vocal performances the first verse bringing a heavier hit of RnB and soul. There is a really loving feeling to the movement of the vocals as they pick up the richness of the melody and weave it into someone much greater. When the vocals swing between DALT and Seltzer, you get a light touch of rap that is as rich as the rest of the track. The swing between the two tones is wonderful and adds a little something extra to the track. The warmth of the vocals gets a slight tinge of haziness that is as subtle in the vocals as it is in the melody. Every element of the track works together to create a soft and plush bed for you to sink into.

DALT and Ben Seltzer have you sinking into the richness of ‘Untitled’ while marvelling at the interplay between the melodic layers. The single is rich and plush from start to finish with a heavy soul flow tinged around the edges by a light haziness. The swing between the vocals is amazing as they add to the richness of the track while bringing something extra to the movement.

Find out more about DALT on his Instagram and Spotify.

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