Hybrid Kid – Freeze Frame (2020)

After performing for several years across the globe using different monikers, Danny (vocals/guitar), Tim (bass) and Mattia (drums) have come together as Hybrid Kid. Back on their home soil in Brighton, the trio harnessed the members’ individuality to create an energetic and enthusiastic sound. Reminiscent of The Stooges with an underlying lyrical similarity to David Bowie, this indie-rock trio brings an experimental edge to their rock and roll tracks. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘Freeze Frame’.

Inspired by a plethora of icons in the British indie-rock genre, Hybrid Kid adheres to the traditional three-minute formula; however, their style is more eclectic. Moving away from the steady Pavement-esque ‘Close Up’, ‘Freeze Frame’ is harsher, heavier and far more abrupt – think The Sonics meets MC5. Combining insightful lyrics with boisterous drums and beguiling guitar riffs, ‘Freeze Frame’ is four minutes of organised chaos.

What I find particularly intriguing is how the emotion and sentimentality of the track is exhibited by Danny’s throaty vocals over a steady bass. It’s as if you don’t even need to know what he is saying to understand its significance. The catchy guitar solo is captivating, but it is the unexpected halt at the end of the track that makes it breathtaking. ‘Freeze Frame’ was released on August 3rd.

You can discover more from Hybrid Kid on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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