Track of the Day: Rozelle – Tell Me

Instead of sitting back and watching the world pass them by in a haze, indie-pop band Rozelle takes a proactive stance confronting different issues in this tumultuous society. Using insightful lyrics combined with ear-catching instrumentation, the Bristol-based group confront climate change, racism, stereotypes, identity crisis and much more.

After meeting at music school approximately six years ago, Hayley, Alex, Tomos and Hodge began writing a collection of motivating and energetic songs. Using their environment and the challenges they face as young adults, the group focus on individuality and overcoming stereotypical restraints finding a balance between upbeat and sombre in their music. The juxtaposition of perceptive and poignant lyrics with buoyant instrumentation makes ‘Tell Me’ an astute summer anthem.

Yes, the cleverly placed lyrics and instrumentation contribute to a moving song, but no-one will listen unless the track grabs their attention. From the first chord to the final verse, Hayley’s haunting vocals are complemented by enthralling guitar hooks making ‘Tell Me’ an addictive track.

A follow-up to their heartfelt track ‘Get Out Alive’, ‘Tell Me’ is the fourth single released this year. Rozelle will be releasing their fifth single ‘Mystery’ on August 17th.

You can find out more about Rozelle on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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