Madison Deaver – That’s What She Said (2021)

Madison Deaver is hitting out with the uptempo bop ‘That’s What She Said’ from her EP Tongue Tied. With a touch of the 90s, the single has you bouncing to its beat provided by featured drummer Adrian Young. The cheeky lyrics and engaging melody will have you moving to the single long after you have finished listening.

With a fresh indie rock sound mixed with a touch of garage and ska, Deaver has been transforming her experiences into songs since her teen years. Honest and quirky lyrics help listeners connect with the emotions and experiences of her music. Working with some amazing artists, her music is a breath of fresh air.

‘That’s What She Said’ is engaging from the first moment with a beat that has your foot tapping to it. There is a wonderful movement to the song that brings a touch of indie rock to some pop sensibilities. The piano line creates these higher tones that twinkle before you plunge into the guitars for the chorus. The melody rushes through you making you want to jump to it. This is particularly true on the chorus when you want to just get down to everything.

While the melody grabs hold of your body, it is Deaver’s vocals that really make the single. When she first enters, her vocals have a whispered quality. This drops for a powerful call against people who try and put you down for a number of reasons. The chorus is really catchy and you might feel the need to shout out with Deaver. The lyrics have a cheeky vibe but this is woven into a sense of frustration at the situation you find yourself in. In the latter part of the track, there is a really melodic movement to her performance before you are pulled back into the rock stylings.

Madison Deaver has you jumping to her sound and shouting with her on the chorus of ‘That’s What She Said’. The melody is a wonderful mixture of rock tones over some pop sensibilities. The vocals really make the single with a push of power, cheeky undertones and frustration.

Find out more about Madison Deaver on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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