Narrow Margin – Kids Don’t Dance (2020)

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Describing themselves as ‘positive post punk apocalyptic pop’ (according to their social media), Narrow Margin seems to have hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

Based in Manchester, England, the band has been playing together since 2017, engaging in a multitude of live performances and obtaining – as many successful indie bands do – an extremely loyal fanbase.  While dedicated fans and live shows with a strong energising stage presence are great (and 110% necessary) for any group, Narrow Margin is proving very quickly that they have plenty more to offer.  In fact, they’re only just getting started.  Their debut track ‘Kids Don’t Dance debuted via 42‘s Records on Friday, January 10th.  The track is quickly making headway, holding its place at #2 on the UK’s Official Physical Singles Chart.

‘Positive’ could not possibly be a more fitting word to describe the overall tone of this track.  For a song with lyrics delving into the unfortunate circumstances of modern times, the delivery is overwhelmingly energetic. Upbeat instrumental vibes are well balanced, guitar and percussion coming together to create a not-so-subtle impact that, when mingled with the more serious lyrics, fit together in a very interesting way.  The words hit hard, and yet smoothly thanks to the subtle slur of each word fitting into the next.  With this utterly thought-provoking collection of feats, the band maintains a sound that is both comfortably familiar and unique. Guitarist and lead singer Ian Spiller brings to the table an added bonus with his deep, gravelly voice.

Lyrically, ‘Kids Don’t Dance’ feels like one of those songs that could mean something different to everyone.  It pulls you in, reminding you from the first line that things aren’t so bright in everyday life.  From there, the interpretation is completely up to you.  Are you on the outside looking in at the world that’s stopped caring?  Are you one of the kids?  The words given to us are relatable in a very broad spectrum allowing anyone who appreciates the beat to feel the lyrics.

In a world where everyone is so used to the sky constantly falling that we hardly notice it anymore, we need songs like ‘Kids Don’t Dance’.  Music reminds us of what we can’t forget despite the monotonous and unavoidable droning of daily life; it sparks a fire in us.  After all, everyone could use a little positive reality.

Only three years into their career, Narrow Margin’s rise to fame has just begun.  2020 is already proving to be an interesting year for punk subgenres, especially with the fanbase rising more and more.  People are realising that the variety of the genre as a whole seems to have a little something for everyone.  Narrow Margin fits into that trend perfectly. Going forward, we expect more great things to come from the group.

Looking for more?  Check out Narrow Margin on Facebook and Twitter.  Be sure to give them a listen and a like on Spotify as well!

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