Imelda Gabs – Fallen Angel (2020)

Imelda Gabs uses her debut single ‘Fallen Angel’ to help you turn any weakness you feel you have into strength. The dark pop track tells the story of someone who has been pushed down and struggles to close a chapter in their life. Instead of sinking further, they turn the weakness into strength and get back up again. A mesmerising single, it fills you with strength while inundating you with her alternative cinematic sounds.

While Gabs started playing the piano at age 3 and quickly moved onto the violin and singing, her skills have evolved into an alternative wonderland. With a background in heavy jazz, influenced by her father renowned pianist Doctor Gabs, she melds her past with different genres for a rich musical journey.

The slow build opening of ‘Fallen Angel’ creates an atmospheric and rich soundscape that the opening vocal line haunts. The high vocals draw you in before Gabs’ poignant voice settles over you. The harmonisations send shivers down your spine as you are thrown into an ethereal wonderland. Her vocals take a true dark pop turn on the chorus. Her performance is completely enthralling and continues to send shudders down your body as you listen. The vocals are so interesting as they are equal parts beautifully dark, ethereal and haunting.

The goosebumps left in the wake of her vocals are prickled by the rich soundscape. The piano line in the opening turns into dark shuffling tones. There is a mixture of pop beats with almost gothic piano lines for a plush melody that drapes velveteen darkness over you. The paced movement of the melody later in the track adds a rolling change to the music that gets your heart pounding while the vocals call out into the stratosphere.

If you are not lost in the dark waves of the music through the single alone, the official music video will do it. A news report style opening grabs your attention before the music makes itself known. The storytelling of the video is stunning and captures the emotions of the track. The video is as enthralling to watch as the music is to listen to and will have you captivated from start to end.

Imelda Gabs sends shivers down your spine with the hauntingly beautiful dark pop ballad ‘Fallen Angel’. As her vocals throw an enthralling cowl over you, the music enhances the shivers that run down your spine. The official music video stunningly captures the emotions and story of the single in a dark cinematic world.

Find out more about Imelda Gabs on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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