Whisky Jennings Bryan – All We Need (2020)

Not much information out there about Whisky Jennings Bryan, (electric) singer/songwriter who calls Hollywood his residence. You get to know that he bounced around from San Francisco to London and back home. Oh, and that he always has his guitar around with him. Essentially, that can describe a few hundred other musicians from Hollywood, or from anywhere else for that matter. But then there’s a question: why would a number of other musicians turn out to help out Whisky record his latest album, All We Need, besides the fact that he goes around with the name Whisky (unless there’s enough of that ‘healthy’ beverage hanging around)?

Well, it could be that when you listen to the album you realise that Whisky’s actually got some talent. The first thing you realise is that WJB knows his way around songcraft. Tunes like the title-giving ‘All We Need’ or any of the eight show that the man can come up with a good tune.

Secondly, those musicians also probably big fans of the more rocking side of things in the form of one Iggy Pop seen through the eyes of The Clash or early phase Elvis Costello. But it also has something to do with WJB’s gruff vocals, anywhere on the line between Mr Pop and Mr Strummer. Maybe seasoned a bit by that drink that carries his name.

Oh, and Whisky certainly knows his way around the electric guitar. Seemingly no fancy stuff, but the right one to drive each and every track exactly where it should go. You can never go wrong when your guitar-playing seems to be inspired by certain Mr Richards, Keith that is.

Whisky Brian Richards doesn’t explore any fancy stuff, he doesn’t cross genres, just brings along some very good rock in its prime definition. Very often, that is just what you need.

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