Incredible Self-Confidence – Discontent Is A Luxury Of The Well-To-Do (2020)

Brought together by a cursed house and fate, Ben Bennett (vocals, bass and guitar) and Elizabeth Clough (vocals and synths) fuse indie-pop, dream-pop, post-punk and even some country in their debut album Discontent Is The Luxury of the Well-To-Do. Labouring under the name Incredible Self Confidence, the duo is building a reputation for creative, authentic and original music. In this review, we hold your hand and take you through the eleven-track Discontent Is The Luxury of the Well-To-Do.

Embracing the pop and rock genres of the late-20th century, Discontent Is A Luxury Of The Well-To-Do is a delve back into the 1960s and 1980s. With strong similarities to The Beach Boys, The Bee Gees, The Cure and Fleetwood Mac, Incredible Self Confidence showcase innovativeness and diversity in their sound.

Beginning with ‘I Want To Know Why’, Bennett and Clough introduce one to their well-placed synths, dynamic guitars and distinctive vocals. A melodious and surf-rock upbeat track, ‘I Want To Know Why’ offers a warm opening to the album. It is followed quickly by the smooth ‘Clawed Gut’ reminiscent of Prince with powerful guitars underlying a seamless merging of Bennett and Clough’s vocals. In fact, it is so seamless that one considers this to be one voice with falsetto crescendoes.

One of the elements I truly enjoy about Discontent Is A Luxury Of The Well-To-Do is the spoken word intros and outros on certain tracks. Not only does it add some lighthearted originality to the tracks, but they promote the underlying theme of empowerment, self-enlightenment and self-belief. Yet, while the messages point to being all you can be and shedding light on self-acceptance, the duo also questions the listener to encourage personal interpretation. It is this element that makes the music more engaging and individualised.

The hazy swirl of sound builds a wistful ambience as the album progresses, but Incredible Self Confidence demonstrates their uniqueness with tracks like ‘Chrome Logic’, ‘Long Time’ and ‘Lily Livered’ incorporating classic rock and rap into their musical journey. Incorporating elements of modern-day indie with old-school heavy rock, ‘Chrome Logic’ stands out in the middle of the album with a Led Zeppelin meets The Kinks sound; however, it is quickly followed up with a Beatles meets The Strokes design in ‘Long Time’.

Discontent Is A Luxury Of The Well-To-Do is not only a mish-mash of exciting electric guitars and soul-stirring synths, it is a sophisticated conglomeration of unique singles into one pretty package. From the smooth, flowing ‘Can You Fix It In Your Mind’ to the distorted “white noise” ‘Before I Take My Iodine Pill’, Discontent Is A Luxury Of The Well-To-Do is slightly hypnotic and completely unforgettable.

For more from Incredible Self Confidence check out their Bandcamp.

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