One Cure For Man – Humble (2020)

While originally conceived as a band in 2009, One Cure For Man has grown into a solo project for multi-instrumentalist James Parkinson. Upon relocation back to his hometown in Lancashire, England, Parkinson continued to perform and produce music in his home studio. Some people may not have heard of One Cure For Man at all, but he has turned heads catching the attention of Louder Than War, When The Horn Blows, RGM Magazine and many more. Beyond the media world, he has also performed with The Darkness, The Raglans and The Miserable Rich building a reputation for emotive melodies and energetic shows. The latest addition to OCFM’s discography is the single ‘Humble’.

Not one to step away from “controversial” issues, OCFM touches on life after death – or rather to say the overcoming of loss instead of something on a religious or philosophical level. Yet, Parkinson does not merely look at the state of acceptance, but on the more confusing elements of grief. How do you go one without one you have lost? How does the world change when death happens? How can you exist in a melancholic world without your loved one? All of this is addressed in the single ‘Humble’.

Following on from his well-received single ‘The Haunted’, ‘Humble’ finds the delicate balance between folk, rock ‘n’ roll and alternative rock. Reminiscent of America, Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen, Parkinson showcases his innovativeness and eclecticism in his music. Combining his melancholic lyrics with a powerfully guitar-driven melody, ‘Humble’ not only touches one’s heart but can bring tears to your eyes.

When listening to all of his tracks, it is clear that way really makes the song is Parkinson’s bold and powerful vocals. Rich, warm and insatiable, his dulcet tones encase you in a warm blanket of awesomeness but without distracting from the poignancy of the track. Beautifully crafted with a natural talent for music, One Cure For Man is hypnotic, emotional and soul-stirring.

For more from One Cure For Man check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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