Piqued Jacks – Every Day Special (2020)

There are times when we all need a reminder to live in the here and now. This is what Piqued Jacks offer with their dramatic single ‘Every Day Special’. Using a pulsing beat and their flavour of contemporary rock, the band reminds you to live in the now and not let the present slip through your fingers. While dreaming of a distant future can be appealing, they remind you to not ruin the present with these thoughts.

While looking at the here and now, the single is packed with the pure energy of the band. The band formed in 2006 with E-King (vocals, keys), Penguinsane (guitar), littleladle (bass) and ThEd0g (drums) before being reborn with Majic-o (guitar) and HoldHargot (drums). With this line-up, they are packing listeners up for a journey through their soundscape.

‘Every Day Special’ comes to life with a deep pulsing opening that presses against your ears. The pulsing tones of the opening effortlessly draw you into the song before a more melodic contemporary rock sound takes over. The verses ease you into the music before everything bursts into flight on the chorus. There is a lot of energy in the music that works its way through your body as you listen. The movement of the melody has a rise and fall that brings the messaging of the lyrics into sharp relief.

E-King’s vocals softly enter when the melody starts to flow. This turns into a soaring exclamation on the chorus that pulses the message of grabbing the present home. The lyrics gently encourage you to not let now slip away while you dream about a potential future. This messaging is really driven home by the vocal performance from the soft verses that offer a sense of understanding to the soaring chorus that encourages you to focus on right now.

Piqued Jacks encourages you to focus on the present and not just dreams of the future in the soaring ‘Every Day Special’. The melody pulses to life only to send you tumbling into the stratosphere on the chorus. The vocals hook you from the first gentle moment and push encouragement into you on the flying chorus.

Find out more about Piqued Jacks on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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