Indigo Daydream – Never Minded Being Alone (But Lately) (2022)

I have heard numerous tales about how bands are formed from childhood sweethearts jamming to people meeting over the internet and starting a remote project; however, Nick Cheshire’s history is one of the more interesting ones. After experiencing a traumatic head injury and undergoing an MRI scan, Cheshire decided to create Indigo Daydream after listening to the beat of the scanner. Perhaps we can call this a serendipitous experience as this solo project is certainly a happy accident.

Following his post-punk-inspired tracks ‘How Would It Feel To Know The Truth’ and ‘Life Might Not Be Real’ (read our review here), ‘Never Minded Being Alone (But Lately)’ is a swirling fusion of synths, drums and guitars. Soothing, smooth and flowing, the track is synth-laden; however, the insertion of dynamic guitars and pounding drums adds a slightly rockier edge to the dream-pop sound. Haunting and ethereal, ‘Never Minded Being Alone (But Lately)’ presents a hazy ambience with a kaleidoscopic wistfulness in the soundscape. It is as if you are drifting along a sonic river with silvery moonlight shimmering on the glassy water – magnificent and breath-taking.

While the ballad has a feeling of chilling haunting, it is a far more hopeful track than one would assume. Reaching audiences on an intimate level, ‘Never Minded Being Alone (But Lately)’ has a hopeful sincerity. Think about following the bright light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and Indigo Daydream is helping you on the journey. His soft vocals enhance the soothing feeling of the song pushing you along with dulcet tones. Yet, while the vocal execution is harmonic melting into the instrumentation, it is the movement from hushed tones to an abrupt, sharp and biting end that sticks in your mind.

For more from Indigo Daydream check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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