Track of the Day: Bullpup – Bed Song

Originality and uniqueness are the keys to success in a stagnating music industry. To make it you need not only bravery, self-belief and a badass attitude, you need to be honest with yourself making music representative of yourself. Bullpup knows this! The unruly lovechild of My Chemical Romance and The Used, the US-based fivesome burst onto the scene as an indescribable, unforgettable force of nature.

Known for the energetic and engaging live performances, Bullpup often “leave stages covered in blood and glitter”; however, it is not only the gigs that make the quartet outstanding. Following their well-received debut album No One Must Die, Trevor Sullivan, Brian Bisson, Tim Collins and Jon Garniss recruited guitarist Robby Beland leading to what is Bullpup today. Featured in Sinusoidal Music, The Indy Review, Rising Artists Blog, Less Than 1000 Followers and various radio stations/playlists, Bullpup is quickly gaining an international following. One of the latest additions to their repertoire is ‘Bed Song’.

Along with ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ (read our review here), ‘Actor’ and ‘Veronica Sawyer’s Big Day Out’ (read our review here), ‘Bed Song’ is the first track off Bullpup’s EP Bed Song. Combining elements of emo with alternative rock and melodic metal, Bullpup combine screeching guitars with pounding drums behind rough vocals. The interesting thing is, while there is a headbanging intensity to the melody, all aspects come together in a flowing river of sound. The incorporation of an acoustic piano not only enhances the poignancy of the song but highlights Bullpup’s theatrical flair.

Finding the line between organic and synthetic instrumentation, Bullpup has innovation and obscurity; however, it is the harmonic alignment of lyricism with the melody that captivates me. A juxtaposition of bouncy tones and sad lyrics is intriguing, but ‘Bed Song’ is a sonic representation of pure, heartfelt emotion. Touching on concepts of despondent futility, songwriter Trevor Sullivan bears his soul in a brutally honest but relatable way. Exploring the dread of “feeling ‘what is it all for?”, Bullpup creates an intimate soundscape where we travel along the mental breakdown and overall admission of personal defeat. Sad, yes, but honest.

For more from Bullpup check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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