INTERCONTINEN7AL – Puerto Aisen (2021)

INTERCONTINEN7AL is not your average band that blends genres to create its own unique sound. A musical collective, their members span the globe and all seven continents, including Antarctica. While their circumstances are truly unique, their sound matches this and that is clear on their single ‘Puerto Aisen’.

The single comes from their second album, which was created during the pandemic and lets us know that music can, not only survive trying times, but really thrive. As with their first album, the band is supporting charity with their music and all proceeds from their second album go to the International Justice Mission and their fight against human trafficking and slavery. Whether you support the band because of their unique composition or their charity work, this is a single that will get you hooked to their sound and wanting to hear more.

‘Puerto Aisen’ opens with a Latin flair with a touch of Flamenco in the guitars. There is a humid and hot feeling to the melody as it wraps seductively around your senses. The sultry tones of the music have your shoulders moving to the rhythm, while the saxophone adds smooth heat to the soundscape. It is a really seductive melody that fills you with the warmth of summer days spent in warm climates beside the water. As the single progresses, the shuffle of the percussion rubs along your spine. The music is a perfect combination of instruments that allows each to bring their own touch to the soundscape, while enhancing the melody as a whole. Later in the track the strings call out with a rather epic flow.

Weaving their way between the warm tones of the melody are the vocals. The vocals settle on your skin like humidity, while sliding down your skin like the freshness of a cool drink on a hot day. The seductive tones of the music bolster the smooth flow of the vocals for an enchanting slow dance. There is a wonderfully soulful feeling to the vocals that carries a red splash of Latin passion. The vocals are perfect for this single as they add another element to the heat of the track, while filling you with the warm embers of affection.

‘Puerto Aisen’ settles on your skin like warm humidity as INTERCONTINEN7AL brings Latin flairs to passionate heat in this captivating single. The music is warmth and seductive heat that draws you with each instrument shining, while bolstering the single as a whole. The vocals pull you close and sway into a slow dance of summer passion.

Find out more about INTERCONTINEN7AL on their website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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