Tanya George – Welcome (2021)

Tanya George broke the shackles of societal norms with her single ‘Normality’. Now, she is using her impressive vocal range to contemplate the relationship between love and fear in ‘Welcome’. The Acappella track has a wall of sound created by her vocals alone as she considers how emotions are the by-product and catalyst for change.

Never one to shy away from deep lyrical content, she packs a lot into this single that gets you really thinking about emotions and the power they have. All of this is crafted into an edgy yet slinky single that brings her soul and jazz background to the fore. If you are looking for a soulful single that is all about the vocals, this is the track for you.

‘Welcome’ is a single of Acappella beauty as you are hit with waves of vocals. George uses layers of her voice to create a melody that you would think has layers of instrumentation. The richness of the music created through the creative use of her voice is amazing in its soulful and slinky flow. The breathy and tapping sounds of her voice form a beat that has you swaying to her rhythm. With her vocal looping technique and extensive vocal range, she has you falling into the jazz vibes of the music.

While she uses her voice to create the melody if the track, her smooth vocal performance is on a different level. She draws you into the single with a warm reception that turns into a slightly edgy seductive flow. As she harmonises with herself, she presents you with a blanket of sound that wraps around you. Through her performance, you are hit with her powerful voice as she fills you with the emotions of the track. She has you opening your heart to love and fear while accepting the change this can bring.

Tanya George has you swaying to her rhythm with the layers of Acappella vocals that are her single ‘Welcome’. Using her voice alone, she creates a single that sweeps you up in seductive flows. The lyrics call for you to open yourself to love, fear and change while you sit back amazed at what she can do with her voice.

Find out more about Tanya George on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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