First Frontier – Edging (2022)

Describing their music as a “…gleeful celebration of the good”, UK-based duo First Frontier use an eclectic and upbeat style to take on existential issues. Coming together approximately three years ago, although the pair met in 2016, Helena Poole and Paul Stafford embraced a love for different styles and created something entrancing for listeners. Featured on Our Sound Music, Rock Era Magazine, Roadie Music, When The Horn Blows and various playlists, Poole and Stafford are reaching audiences across the globe. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘Edging’.

Looking at the blurred edges between self-control and hedonism in their previous track ‘Jagged Line’, critics have referred to First Frontier’s music as “…an almost hybrid of Radiohead meets modern grunge” (When The Horn Blows). This execution is retained in the latest ‘Edging’ but there is a feistiness nodding toward the angst of 80s punk-rock. A blending of Poole’s pounding drums and Stafford’s distorted guitars lead to a hard-hitting single with infectious choruses. What I find particularly interesting and innovative is the transition from hyper to a murky flow of grunge before pumping up once again for an abrupt ending.

As I mentioned, First Frontier choose to take on existential issues in modern-day society. A means of connecting with listeners not only a personal but also a conceptual level, if you will. The duo share that ‘Edging’ is “…about the frustration of trying to achieve something but never quite making it to where you want to be. That feeling when you’re expending energy, fuel, time, hope, but every time you stop to check how far you’ve come you’ve barely moved”.

Not only is there a poignancy in the poetic lyricism, but First Frontier seem to arrange the song’s melody to align with the emotive meaning. Upbeat and fierce equal determination but the lull into a melancholic mire is a sonic representation of “well, what’s the point?”. Yet, while there is a bleak outlook within the ferocity of the song, ‘Edging’ inspires confidence, empowerment and is a “…homage to all of those people who get up, brush themselves off and keep on trying.”

First Frontier has always been a favourite of mine and ‘Edging’ is their latest sonic acid trip without the acid.  

For more from First Frontier check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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