Ironess – Comfortable (2020)

The emotions of a long-term relationship can be more complicated than those sparked by a new romance. Pop duo Ironess explores this with their new single ‘Comfortable’. It considers how a long-term relationship can start to feel like a chore instead of the all-consuming love it once was. It also considers the crossroad people find themselves at when they face a life away from the comfort the relationship provides.

Following the success of their debut, KEZRA and Issac Main use an RnB driven melody to work through these emotions. They also use a different lyrical style to capture both sides of a relationship. Through their heartfelt performance, you are able to connect with the emotions of the track even if you have never been in the same position.

‘Comfortable’ hooks you with this intense opening with beats that pound into your chest. There is this clapping over the RnB guitar line that makes you want to move to it. The melody has a wonderful neo-soul vibe to it that complements the vocals. The stability of the melody acts as the comfort of a long-term relationship while the lyrics work through the problems.

KEZRA is the first to draw you in with her soulful vocals while Main takes over for the second verse. This two-sided conversation style is wonderful because you get to understand both sides. When they sing together, their voices melt perfectly into each other. Both are able to infuse so much emotion into their vocals as they question each other and why the other has fallen into a flow of sameness.

Ironess uses a conversational style soaked in neo-soul vibes to consider the comfortable lull long-term relationships fall into in ‘Comfortable’. The heartfelt and soulful vocals offer both sides of the story while the RnB melody pulses through your chest.

Find out more about Ironess on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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