The Magnolias – Goodnight, I’m Going to Sleep (2020)

Depression is something that a lot of people suffer from, but it does not only affect them. The effects of depression have an impact on everyone around you and this is what The Magnolias highlight in their single ‘Goodnight, I’m Going to Sleep’. While considering this knock-on effect, the band looks to ease the burden that listeners are under.

While Sam Gatlin (keys, guitar, bass, percussion), Bryton Shoffner (percussion, guitar, keys, bass) and Danny Knutelsky (vocals, guitar) are young, they are able to tackle heavy topics with a mature depth. Their professional sound also belies their youth. Drawing on a trip Gatlin went on, the single soars beyond personal experiences to create a relatable and easing bed of sound.

‘Goodnight, I’m Going to Sleep’ has a gentle guitar opening that eases you into the band’s sound. The soft humming under the guitar line adds to the relaxed vibe of the single. Knutelsky’s vocals are as soothing as the melody. He is able to draw you into the lyrics with effortless grace. The high notes for the chorus are perfectly executed and add this lightly soaring feeling to the song.

While the main vocals have you floating in an easy space, the melody continues as a steady base. The backing vocals create this hazy layer over everything almost like a mist or the filtering impact of depression. Every element of the single combines to form this whole that encases you in a cotton-like softness. While dealing with depression, there is something gently uplifting about the song threaded into the melody and the lilting of the vocals.

The Magnolias tackle the effect depression has on those around you in the gentle ‘Goodnight, I’m Going to Sleep’. The easy melody leads you to soothing vocals with higher backing vocals adding to the softness of the song. Thee is a sense of easing as you listen to the track that makes you feel like things could get better.

Find out more about The Magnolias on their Instagram and Spotify.

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