Isaac Snow – Why (2020)

There are a lot of reflective songs out there, but Isaac Snow has taken a different approach with his latest single ‘Why’. Instead of self-reflection, he is turning the mirror on society and taking a look at the dangerous consequences of social and political narratives. Focussing on the growing racism and xenophobia within British society, he uses a dark and brooding sound to confront the dehumanisation of people in the news feeds people are constantly faced with.

Heavy topics are not new to Snow and his previous releases like ‘Run Away’ have reflected on deep topics while drawing on personal experience. Since he started teaching himself the guitar at 15, he has used music as a way to express himself and as a coping mechanism for life. Now he is seeing to connect with others through his authentic sound and raw songwriting abilities.

The acoustic guitar opening of ‘Why’ sets the sombre and dark tone of the track. This opening also sets the reflective vibe of the song which is added to by the light notes that twinkle into existence. The swing in the melody with some heavier and darker alternative sounds for the chorus helps to drive the message of the song home. The thumping drum beat that pounds through also enhances the dark questioning vibe of the song.

As the melody creates the dark questioning vibe, Snow’s vocals force you to consider the lyrics and what has happened. His vocals have a sadness in the performance that turns to something more aggressive for the chorus when he questions why this has happened. While the song is generally a dark look at society, the lyrics do offer a glimpse at how we can battle what has happened. This offers you a glimmer of hope in the overall darkness that envelops you as you listen.

Isaac Snow turns the mirror on society for the reflective, dark and somewhat aggressive ‘Why’. The dark depth of the melody easily sets the tone of the track before Snow’s vocals start pounding you with questions. Through this darkness, you are offered some hope that we can battle against the dark tide.

Find out more about Isaac Snow on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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