Isaac Snow – Run Away (2020)

Isaac Snow is a singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist who has been making music for the past five years. However, it was only in 2018 that he started to write professionally after meeting his producer Ali Bla Bla. Through this collaboration, Snow has released songs that are personal and relatable that you are able to find comfort and solace in. His latest single ‘Run Away’ continues to look at the battles we all face.

The song looks at how we strive for a sense of belonging in the world. It also considers how interconnected the world is while giving us a sense loneliness. This dichotomy is beautifully highlighted in the song while considering if that sense of belonging exists at all.

‘Run Away’ uses a gentle folk melody to draw you in. The acoustic guitar melody could be viewed as simple, but the way it melds with the vocals creates a depth and complexity to the track. It also creates a wistful tone that puts you into the frame of mind outlined in the lyrics. The use of piano and horns later on the track adds to the sense of lonely interconnection.

Snow’s vocals are a deep layer to the track that seem to naturally come out of the acoustic guitar opening. His tone is gentle but captivating as he draws you into the relatable lyrics. The rather deep subject of this track is broken down into lyrics that you can easily connect with. While uncomplicated, the lyrics still make you think without bogging you down.

Isaac Snow takes a look at our push to find a sense of belonging in a lonely but interconnected world in ‘Run Away’. This gentle folk song makes you think without trying to bog you down with metaphors. It is a perfect way to find comfort in the idea that this sense of belonging might not exist at all.

Find out more about Isaac Snow in his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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