J. Begalla – How Bad Do You Want It? (2021)

J. Begalla is back with a splash after a hiatus spent producing other artists. With his single ‘How Bad Do You Want It?’, he unleashes an extrovert anthem about pushing forward to achieve your maximum potential. Through the single, he embraces the desire to conquer another mountain in your life and wanting to bring loved ones with you to the top.

While Begalla bends genres to fit the needs of his music, there is always a thread of dancing vibes woven into his songs. With some roaring synths and lush strings, he creates a unique musical world that pushes you to be the best you can be. Even if you are not an extrovert yourself, the single will fill you with fiery energy while transporting you out of your life for a little while.

‘How Bad Do You Want It?’ has a really warm and smooth opening that eases you into the single. The guitar lines are slick as they weave their way into your senses. The drums enter with a gentle punch to your senses before you are swept up in a whirlwind of synths. There is a kaleidoscopic feeling to the melody as it sweeps through you and has you riding its waves.

The rather chilled vibes of the melody are matched by Begalla’s vocals. His voice is as smooth as the music while seeping into your veins. While the lyrics have a motivational vibe, his performance slowly builds you up instead of running at full tilt. This is a wonderful approach to the sentiment of the track as it captures the enthusiasm of extroverts and their desire to push forward while steadily building the same desires in the listener. The messaging of the single has been artfully handled through a masterful mixture of music and lyrics.

With smooth musical movements, building sentiments and motivational fire, J. Begalla has you reaching for the stars with ‘How Bad Do You Want It?’. With lyrics that embrace the desire to overcome everything and achieve your dreams, he has you eager to get out and reach for what you want. This is set to a chilled yet uplifting vibe as the kaleidoscope of melodic elements come together.

Find out more about J. Begalla on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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