Tropic – Control (2021)

With their latest dance floor banger, Tropic dives headfirst into the freedom that comes from giving in to your desires. ‘Control’ delves into the primal and instinctual parts of us that lead to bliss when you surrender to their power. Taking the pent up emotions of the last year, the electro-RnB duo unleash them for the intoxicating thrill of the single that is matched only by being out on the dance floor.

Producer and DJ Phuse and RnB singer-songwriter Jo-B Sebastian blend equal parts futuristic daydreams and nostalgia for their unique sound. The duo came together through mutual respect for each other’s musical works and inspiration. Together, they combine lush soundscapes, punchy productions and velveteen vocals for songs that make you want to move to their groove.

‘Control’ uses a stop-start movement to the opening that grabs your attention. The deep beats come at you from all sides before you slide into a really groovy movement. There is an infectious feeling to the melody that has you moving to it without any thoughts. The pulses of the electronic soundscape are a delightful mix of dance and RnB. This creates a slick feeling to the production that will get everyone who listens hooked. It is a very intoxicating melody that perfectly picks up the sentiment of the track.

If the melody gets you moving, the vocals will have you lost on the dance floor. There is an electronic edge to them but Sebastian’s RnB sensibilities shine through. His performance is endlessly danceable while slick and smooth like the best RnB tracks. The duo has been able to perfectly combine their styles for a single that is entirely too catchy for its own good. As you get lost in the movements, the lyrics echo the intoxicating vibes of the music. Each word touches on the bliss of giving up control to primal desires.

Tropic has you losing yourself on the dance floor as you give into primal desires and shimmy to their sound in ‘Control’. The single is the perfect blending of dancing moves and smooth RnB that gets you grooving to the rhythm and lost in the energy of the track. There is no way to listen to this single and not feel the need to give into its movement.

Find out more about Tropic on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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