Jaayns – Real Things (2021)

While we are all different, there are a lot of societal pressures that push us to conform losing bits of ourselves along the way. This is something that Jaayns considers in her single ‘Real Things’ as it looks at these pressures and how we fear putting a foot out of approved placement. Bringing the fear of being judged, she mixes it with 90s indie-pop tones and electronic layering.

The first official release with the independent music label No Such Thing Records, this track touches on emotions and situations we are all familiar with. The song also highlights the alternative electro style of Jaayns which is rich in synths, beats and layered melodics. If you feel misunderstood or alone in a world of external pressures, this song lets you know that others are going through the same and you can get through it all.

Jaayns’ vocals open ‘Real Things’ with a smooth hook that captures your attention and emotions we have all felt. Her performance has a confessional feeling like you are looking into her innermost thoughts and feelings. Through the lyrics, she picks up doubts and depressing thoughts we have all had at some time while leading you to the chorus that sighs against your ears. As the single progresses, the lyrics acknowledge how pressure from others affects us while filling us with the strength to forget about what others have to say. This is handled wonderfully and brings the strength you need in a delightfully organic way.

Resting beneath the vocals is a rich and moving melody. There is a softness to the music as it creates a soft bed for the vocals through the opening and first verse. The shivering tones and deep beats draw you forward to the gentle swell of electronic tones on the chorus. The melody is a wonderfully layered river of sound that flows through you and tumbles with different melodic elements. As the vocals lead you to letting go and moving on, the electronic tones rise and push you on.

Jaayns tackles the pressures we face from other people and society before filling you with the strength to leave your fears behind in ‘Real Things’. Her vocals are easy to relate to as they touch on emotions we have all felt and lead you to let go of your fears of being judged for who you really are. Beneath her vocals is a melody that moves through you like a flowing river.

Find out more about Jaayns on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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