Karyn Ann – Wasting Time (2021)

We all have moments where we need to be reminded to live life to its fullest. For these times, ‘Wasting Time’ by Karyn Ann is the song you need to listen to. Through the soulful folk tones, Ann pushes us to open ourselves up to life, give second chances and feed the inner child we all have. While the single embraces life, it also reminds us that it is a collage of fleeting moments that we need to make as colourful as possible.

Drawing on a decade’s worth of experience charming audiences, Ann sweeps through you with powerful vocals and emotive lyrics. With the power behind her sound, you can easily hear why she is becoming one of the top singer-songwriters in Portland. Not only does she amaze audiences, she has also been selected for the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artists showcase and named in the top 100 singer-songwriters of the Great American Songwriting Contest.

‘Wasting Time’ gently strums and waltzes into your senses with a folky sway. The organic feeling of the melody instantly puts you at ease and allows the vocals to dance through your senses. The guitar lines meet a gentle clap that has you swaying to the rhythm of the music. There is such an easy and relaxed vibe to the music that you can’t help but feel the stresses of the world lift off your shoulders. Through this easy movement, the melody opens your senses to the greater world and has you feeling like you can approach it with a new perspective.

Ann’s vocals are as relaxed and soothing as the melody. Her voice has a soulful edge to the folky flows that make you think of relaxing in long grass in a meadow. Through her performance, you can feel a gentle breeze on your skin as you look at the clouds floating across the sky. This is woven into the lyrics that have you turning a new eye on everything around you. The chorus urges us to stop wasting time and embrace everything that the world has to offer with a peaceful acceptance.

Karyn Ann opens your mind and senses to the world while urging us to embrace life and stop ‘Wasting Time’. Her soulful vocals have a folk touch that eases through your body and leaves you relaxed while open to the world. This is enhanced by the melody that gently breezes over you.

Find out more about Karyn Ann on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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