Jack Conman – Before You Love Me (2020)

Jack Conman had us captivated by the refined arrangement of his tragically beautiful ‘Come Back in the Room’. Now he is enveloping us in an intimate and tender performance with ‘Before You Love Me’. Looking at the first steps taken in a romantic relationship, the song connects with the beautiful vulnerability of that moment when you take the first plunge.

The single continues to meld Conman’s rugged image with tender lyricism and sensitive music. The contrast makes his sound interesting while his musical prowess slides smoothly against your senses. As a lead-up single from his upcoming debut album Seventh Sense Libido, the song has you wanting more.

‘Before You Love Me’ sets the intimate tone from the first second. The melody has this tenderness threaded into each note. It has you floating along to the sound as it wraps you in a cosy blanket. The tenderness of the melody makes you think of soft lighting and a cosy room as you spend time with a loved one. As you are wrapped in the soundscape, you can just lean back and relax.

As the melody forms an intimate space for you to get comfortable in, Conman’s vocals offer a warmth tinged with vulnerability. There is a lightness to his vocals that is different to the huskiness of his last single. However, this change in tone works perfectly with the overall vibe of the track. Through his performance, you are filled with the emotions of a new relationship. The vulnerability of his vocals merges with the happiness of where the relationship is going for a tingling warmth of emotion.

Jack Conman drapes you in warmth and vulnerability in the beautifully intimate single ‘Before You Love Me’. The song has a soft vibe as you are filled with the vulnerability of a new relationship and the warmth of new emotions.

Find out more about Jack Conman on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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