The Great Emu War Casualties – Happy Birthday Joe (2020)

From the ashes of 2020, The Great Emu War Casualties rise with an eclectic mix of songs on their short EP Happy Birthday Joe. Drawing on their poppier roots, the band fills you with good vibes which you might just need right now. While the band washes you in positive vibes, there is a healthy dash of salt added to the mix.

Born in 2017, the band first came together after Saskia Clapton (bass, keys) met Joe Jackson (vocals, guitar) in Liverpool before moving to Melbourne. There, the final piece of the band came in the form of Bibek Tamang (drums). Together, they have worked with a string of rotating musicians and played a series of headline shows.

The EP starts with ‘Don’t Get Upsetti Eat Some Spaghetti (Short Worm)’ which draws you in with a progressive drum line. This gives way to a lively and upbeat melody that fills you with some seriously good vibes. The infectious energy of the track puts a smile on your face before the vocals even have a chance to get to you. Once they do, you are drawn further into the fun vibes of the track. There is an energetic flow to the music and vocals that you get a little lost in. You also feel the urge to move to the music regardless of what you are doing while listening.

‘Big Things Coming Soon’ is not as lively as the opening track, but still carries a good energy. There is a change in the soundscape that is both grounded and soaring. The good vibes of the track bubble through the low levels of the melody while the vocals have you getting down to the band’s flow. The more laidback vibe of this track is great after the energy of the last. The beats in the melody have an addictive hook to them, particularly close to the end of the track.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Turtleneck Giveaway’ which features Cat Sanzaro. The funky sounds are turned up to max for this single. The infectious beats are also back with a vengeance, but this is tempered by Sanzaro’s smooth vocals. Her harmonisation with Jackson is wonderful and adds a fun vibe to the music. Their performance gets you pumped with positivity and has you grooving to their vibe. The melody has a beat that gets your foot tapping whether you want it to or not.

The Great Emu War Casualties fill you with good vibes and infectious energy with their EP Happy Birthday Joe. The short EP is packed full of upbeat vibes that you can’t help but get pumped with. Mixed into the lyrics is a hint of salt to keep things balanced.

Find out more about The Great Emu War Casualties on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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