The Super Late Night – Mess (2020)

Hailing from one of England’s indie music hubs, Manchester, The Super Late Night breeds a new type of modern pop. Ranging from pop-punk to retro-pop with emo sensibilities, TSLN blends trademark indie-pop vocals with powerful guitars and futuristic production. An eclectic one-man band, TSLN uses his personal experiences as a base for emotional, expressive and engaging tracks.

While The Super Late Night was formed in 2020, he has received coverage on a local and international scale from When The Horn Blows, Its All Indie, Love Music; Love Life and Chalkpit Records. Following his mindblowing tracks ‘Honey’, ‘If Not Now, Then When?’ and ‘Falling Asleep’, TSLN releases the mind-bending single ‘Mess’.

After displaying his innovativeness as a performer in previous tracks ‘Honey’, ‘If Not Now, Then When?’ and ‘Falling Asleep’, The Super Late Night shows versatility and originality in ‘Mess’. Fusing post-punk synths with dynamic guitar riffs and catchy hooks, TSLN dives headfirst into 21st-century alternative rock.

Touching on those complex emotions following a bad breakup, ‘Mess’ discusses rejection, frustration, depression, despair…and then the lighter side of things. While the eclectic instrumentation can move you from disappointment to empowerment, it is The Super Late Night’s warm vocals and witty lyricism that enhance one overcoming the messy end of a bad breakup.

“I tried to be careful not to come across like too much of a victim when I was writing this. The song is clearly about the aftermath of a messy relationship and, though at the time I was frustrated and sad, as the song developed it felt more like an anthem of empowerment.” – The Super Late Night on ‘Mess’

Bold, energetic and passionate melodies make TSLN stick in your head, roll around a couple of times and fall out with a strikingly awesome plop. Sounds kind of disgusting but the experience is beguiling and beautiful.

For more from The Super Late Night check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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